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Dutch Mom American Dad

For many this name has no or little meaning. To me it means everything.  As much as all my children’s names, because Kate, well she is my niece.  I don’t remember the date, I just remember the excitement when my sister sent me a picture of a positive pregnancy test! So much excitement and tears of joy. Finally she is going to be a mother!

Words cannot describe how much joy a person can feel when they become an aunt. To know that your sister or brother is going to be a parent. Whether or not you are a parent yourself, the joy is tremendous.  There was also a lot of sadness, once it hit me I wouldn’t be able be there when Kate was born.

I always knew it was hard for my sister to not be here when my kids were born, and be part of the pregnancy…

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Blog tip: “Dutch mom American dad”

Blog Tip: Mijn lieve zusje en haar American Hubby delen een blog! Op http://www.dutchmomamericandad.com volg je de avonturen van dit mooie gezin van vijf!

Dutch Mom American Dad

Becoming a family of 5.

A little over 3 months ago we became parents for the third time. For 9 months I anticipated how we were going to do it with 3, 2 under 2. Would this child feel appreciated enough, because it’s brother and sister took up enough time already. Between the temper tantrums that can last 2 hours and the constant Mama’s and Daddy’s, I didn’t think we had. Oh and did I mention we have a dog… I will leave that subject for a different blog.

My husband kept telling me, don’t worry the baby will be fine. It won’t know any different and will love all of us no matter what. Well right now he can give me a big, fat ‘I told you so!’. He won’t because it won’t be in his benefit haha. I could blame it on the pregnancy hormones, or pregnancy in…

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